Monday, May 27, 2013


Kjære lesere!
Jeg har ikke fulgt opp bloggen slik jeg kunne ønsket de siste månedene, da jeg har hatt en vannlekkasje i vinter i det lille huset jeg har leid (sjarmerende hus, men rørene var dårlig vedlikeholdt). Det har vert helt utrolig slitsomt, all innmat i huset måtte rives og mye av klær og møbler ble ødelagt! 
Jeg fant et veldig pent sted å leie i mellomtiden, det var meningen jeg skulle flytte tilbake da de var ferdig med gjenoppbyggingen. I stedet kjøpte jeg meg leilighet og har vert travelt opptatt med å sette den i stand. For noen måneder jeg har bak meg! Snart ferdig flyttet inn, så jeg kan begynne å slappe av igjen. Flytting tar alltid lang tid, og nå har jeg også måttet rundt omkring for å finne nye møbler og komme i orden. Mesteparten av tiden har jeg løpt rundt og ordnet ting, og resten av tiden har jeg  bare sett ut i luften og ikke orket noe. 
Nå ordner alt seg til det aller beste tror jeg, så er glad men sliten jente. :) 
Endelig har vi begynt på våren ute og jeg er klar for litt sommerferie snart! 

To all my dear readers! 
Sorry for not being able to post so much these months. It´s been a lot of hassle, as I had a water accident in my house. You would´nt believe how stressful that was, and much of my clothes and furniture destroyed. 
I found a really nice place to rent in the meantime, as I was supposed to move back after the rebuild. Now I´ve bought an other appartment instead, so I´ve been really busy redecorating it. Soon finished, and can land back on my feet again. Moving takes tiiiime, not least buying new furniture. Most of the time I´ve been really busy, and when not, all I could do is stare into the air since I´ve been so exhausted and confused. 
Now all will work out for the better, tho´ and I look forward to continue. 
Finally spring outside, and soon ready for summer holidays! :) 

Pictures representing color inspiration. Sorry, don´t have the sources. Contact me if you recognize them! 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New top 10 of country kitchens!

Dreaming of a country kitchen? I AM! How does this sound: A white kitchen, with white placebuilt cupboards, and some free range furniture. A tabletop made from recycled wood, really rustic. A big farm table, with comfortable chairs for long breakfasts, and you are never afraid your kids will f* up your kitchen, it´s all rustic anyway. All utensils are out in the open where you can reach them, and there are food laying around, making you want to cook and eat.  On the wall you have framed receipts for making raspberry somethings, or lemonade somethings, in fresh crisp colors with pictures of your kids making it. The kitchen is clutter free except from utensils and stuff you need. You have your pretty china, your baking bowls, your floral curtains and the smell of food coming from something good baking in the oven.

1. Wood and white
And make that RUSTIC wood and white.  The more utensils and stuff you keep in natural and sturdy materials the better. Looks good together with steel, and looks best if not mixed with too many other colors.

2. Bring the vegetables out where you can see them! If you are making something that day with broccoli or carrots, put them out for decoration before you prepare the food. Of course, most food is best stored in the refrigirator, but some, like garlic or onions or potatoes, can be out decorating your country kitchen. Make everything going on in the kitchen be about the love you have for food and cooking.

3. Blue and white
Natural wood cupboards and blue and white china, ooooh so pretty!

4. Mix in free range furniture, looking all random, like if you build the kitchen up as you go along and put things in there as you needed more space.. Making things look random is an art. Especially if you PLAN to make them look random.. ;)

5. You need some sort of chicken in there to make a real country kitchen. An enamel sign that says ´fresh eggs´ might do also.

6. Something terra cotta. Storage containers, floor tiles or pots for your home grown herbs in the window.

7. Florals. I love roses, and think they definitely belong in a country kitchen.  A cute floral apron, or some cute framed pictures you´ve taken yourself might remind you of summer. All that heavy wood and rustic charm needs to be balanced out by bringing som pastel and flowers in there.

8. Bird feeder outside the window. It is so nice to watch the garden birds from your kitchen window. If you are like me, perhaps you feel the need to look up in a book what the new guy is called, and wishing him welcome in the neighbourhood by putting up a bird house outside, and feed him with good seeds?

9. For symmetry in the chaos, place the stove in the middle of the room. Some of the furniture can be place built, and others free range, to get both some chaos and some symmetry. Lamps (what are these called? Apothecary?) used also to create symmetry here.

10. Build some of the furniture yourself, and don´t be afraid to wreck your rustic kitchen.. hey - it´s supposed to be rustic - bring in sturdy stuff that can accept that this is a workplace, not just for shows. ;)

And - grow your own herbs! It really gives your food an extra dimension. Hang wild herbs up to dry in the ceiling! :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Boys room

My nephiews each got a set of vintage cars I embroidered with needle point.  Made popular gifts for the guys, crazy with cars, planes and boats. ;) Yes, I can take orders to make these! ;) 

Walking barefeet

A little blog bonanza to make your tuesday - :D Scandinavian interior minimalism shows our close relationship to nature and surroundings. DO notice the floors! Don´t you just want to walk bare feet in here.. ? 

Been a long break, needed, but missed you all and your cute comments. Keep them coming :) 

All pictures from Dinesen floors

Monday, September 17, 2012

10 Tips on how to organize your home!


Always think storage!
Use a notebook and think about what you need boxes for. For candles, for vacuum cleaner parts, for old photos, for gift cards and for all sorts of everything else.. Make an overview of what you need, and sizes for them.
If you have room for instance on top of a shelf, buy only white boxes from the same series, and label them. Ikea has pretty boxes, and you can get them in every size.
Tip: I use to write out the labels on my printer to make them prettier and look more organized. 
If you have empty shelves, it could be wise to get empty boxes for future needs, especially if you choose a series that you think will be discontinued.


Tape a list of birthdays inside a cupboard. Keep a big box where you put gifts. If I find something wonderful on sale, I put it in there, and then I´m always ready for a last minute gift. If you see something that fits for a certain friend, go christmas shopping in june, no problem, just put it in the box.
If you are nifty and make your own cards, make some and keep them in that box, so that you don´t need to stress so much last minute. I use to buy greeting cards, thank you cards, pretty wedding cards and so on, and stack up a bit.
Also keep your gift wrap paper there, and it´s so nice to have your own "theme" of wrap paper, like a signature, so that people know it´s from you. :)

picture source


Stack a pile of boxes in your closet, to sort laundry. I have four of these, one large at the bottom for 90*C clothes like towels and bedsheets, two 40*C for coloured and white, and one for wool. They fit perfectly in a standard size closet.
Then I can use a small cute basket in the bathroom and empty it in my closet "tower" of laundry baskets.

picture source


I have a own box for library books and another for books and movies I borrowed from friends. The box for library books, I just take the box with me in the car when I go to the library, and then I fill it again with new finds. I especially like history books and cook books.. yum. :9
The box for things I have borrowed, I keep small, pretty bags in, so that I can seperate them and take the bag when visiting my friend next.
When I figured this out, my life immediately got easier, so that I didn´t add my friends movies to my own collection by mistake, and I remembered to deliver library books in time, as well as I didn´t have to look through my whole house to find stuff when going out the door.
TIP: I also keep a little notebook for writing down movies and books I borrow TO friends, so I am sure who borrows something, so that I CAN GET IT BACK! 


My family is the most forgetful people I know (yea I am too..),  so they always leave behind stuff. Scarves, jackets, lighters, you name it- they leave it. To remember to take it with me when visiting then (and not have a lot of stuff lying around that´s not mine), I got a box in my hall for stuff that people forget. I separate them by putting the stuff in bags and use a marker to write the name on the bag.

picture source


Got too many clothes?
At least once a season, go through EVERYTHING and sort your clothes. The stuff that you want to use and fits work, party and cozy clothes, hang them on a rack so that you see them. Let them hang openly, so they are ready to wear. Using a rack like this allows you to coordinate your outfits according to season and trend, and to the arrangements you are attending this week or month.
Match up with accessories, shoes and bags and put them there on the rack with the clothes.

Donate what you don´t use, or arrange a swap night with your friends! For gods sake, put away what you don´t fit into, so that you don´t torture yourself looking at those clothes everyday in your closet, or even worse - destroy your self esteem by trying them on before you are ready. Keep all those clothes in a separate shelve, so that you can rejoice seeing them again if loosing a couple of pounds.

picture source
picture source


Make a day for laundry and ironing, and mending clothes - like reattaching buttons. Make this an appointment to yourself, and reward yourself with something nice, like watching your favorite TV show after. Especially ironing is such a big hassle to me, but when making a positive association, it really helps!
OR - get your husband to do it..

picture source


Use a blackboard, and seperate it into two sections. One for writing down appointments for tomorrow, and the other to write down things you need to get done. Like car inspection, taxes or other.
When you can , try to get the things on the "to do" - list over to the "today" list. Feels so good to erase them…
Make sure you put into your evening routines to check your calendar and write down the appointments for tomorrow!


A pretty box on the coffee table can take so much clutter!
Your crossword pencil, your lipgloss, your notebook, your remote controls, your cell phone, and all those small things just piling up on your coffee table!

picture source


In stead of procrastinating, just take a day off everything else, and GET STUFF DONE! All those things you have been putting off, just get it done! The lack of energy you feel, can be because you have put stuff aside for a long time, and you will feel rejuvenated when you are done! :D Take days like this often(!) till your on a comfortable level of organization, and then keep it up like that! 

Hope this was inspirational! 
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